Wednesday, 28 December 2016

New Kitchen Questions

We are in the very beginning stages of planning for a new kitchen.  This one is so dark it, sucks all the light out of the room (and it's a very light room!), and it needs quite a bit of work....or replacement.  Since the oven is doing weird stuff, like turning itself on an off at random times, and the door doesn't close, it's time to replace it.  So...we're looking to gut the kitchen and start over.  At this point the microwave, dishwasher and fridge are the only things we plan to keep.

There are some things I know I definitely want in a new kitchen:
  • white vinyl wrap cabinets, instead of dark wood
  • drawers instead of cupboards as much as possible
  • stone bench top (light coloured)
  • sink going the opposite direction
  • 90cm gas cooktop (the 60cm I have is too small for the pots I use all the time)
  • microwave mounted WAY lower than it's current position (the bottom is my head height - so dumb)
  • pyrolytic, self-cleaning oven
Question of the day:  under bench oven, or wall oven?
I am totally uncertain about the oven.  I thought I wanted a larger, under-bench oven.  It would give me a little more bench space, and the kitchen layout would be more flexible.  But when we were looking at appliances the other day the sales girl made a very valid point:  under-bench ovens are harder to get heavy things in and out.  My SIL has recently moved house and gone from wall to under-bench, and she agreed.  Now I'm really not sure what to do.

I need some good advice.  If you have your choice what would you have...and why?


Julie H said...

I far prefer my under bench oven (previous house had wall oven). It is great for taking pans from the cooktop to the oven to brown, and it is easy vice versa to use the cooktop for hot dishes.
Have you considered pull-out racks - so you don't have to reach into the oven for your heavy many options available.

Anonymous said...

We've just in the final throes of home reno. We ended up with a wall oven that is at such a user friendly height. I did want a double one but this came with the kitchen we bought 2nd hand. We also went induction cooktop. We would have needed bottle gas if we'd gone the gas cook top. Am very happy with the induction, even if I did have to buy new saucepans after 38 years. LOL. Go for drawers wherever you can. My drawers are shallow at top and 2 deeper drawers. If I had the option some would have been better as 4 drawer units, mostly for plate storage as the drawers I have are a little deep for that. I have set one set up as a baking station, baking utensils at the top, with flours and sugar in the next and bowls and bigger bits in the bottom. I have one drawer for mugs and the one next to it with a small over flow of mugs and my selection of herbal tea's strainer etc.

I have a more generic zester but is one of the better things I've added to my kitchen utensils. Oh and if you can stretch the budget, drawers in the pantry. My pantry cupboard would be more user friendly if at the least the loxer part was drawers instead of shelves. Good luck. sjjamesathotmaildot com

Tracy said...

Julie - thank you for your insight. You are perhaps the first person I've come across who has appreciated the switch away from the wall oven. I've had lower ovens across our years and never remember being grrrr'y about it at all. I found an oven yesterday that has telescopic rails and pyrolytic cleaning. Done!

Anonymous - we have severe power outages at least once a year through winter (like 2+ days), so I'm not prepared to move away from the gas cooktop. Although I hear lots of very happy comments about induction cooktops. Thanks for the tip about the drawers. We were at Ikea yesterday, and I like the idea of four drawers too. Although we will need at least a couple of shallow ones for cutlery and utensils. Also saw pantry drawers yesterday and got excited about that idea too.

Thanks for your feedback. Some of my ideas are solidifying :)