Tuesday, 5 August 2014

These Are the Rules of the World

In the last week I have found myself saying "but these are the rules" quite often, so I thought I'd share the rules of the world, as I know them to be.

Rule #1: the rules of the world are that Australia has to win the Commonwealth Games.  Russia, China and the USA duke it out for the Olympics.  There's just so many people in those countries and apparently so many athletes to choose from, so we don't get much of a look-in.  But the Commonwealth Games are ours.  And it started off that way this time, but then England decided to go ahead and do its own thing.  I don't know England...what did you think you were doing there?  I don't even know why we have to have this conversation!  The Games weren't even in England, you know, because home-ground advantage seems to be the only thing that might be a reason for breaking the rules.  Clearly you forgot yourselves this time.  It's OK though, the Games are coming to the Gold Coast next time so I hope you realise that home-ground advantage and 'the rules' mean we're back on top.

Rule #2: the rules of the world are that children are the ones who make cups of tea for the adults in the house.  When I say 'children' you know I mean kids who are old enough to mess with boiling water and teabags and milk and balance two cups at once without spilling it on themselves and causing a third degree burn, right?  Well, Miss Sunshine seems to have misinterpreted the rules as well.  It seems to be the week. She asked Mr Busy to make her a cup of tea the other day.  I told her that's not the rules...kids make adults cups of tea, kids don't make kids cups of tea.  Other kids can't request a cup of tea and have another kid make it.  That's just not how it works.  Quick as a wink she pipes up "I am an adult".

Apparently this rule needs some careful clarification.

Miss Sunshine is not a 'grown-up' adult.  She's still a teenager.  She's still at school.  She still needs to get told to do her dishes jobs.  Clearly she is not a grown-up!  So I have explained to her that the people in the house who are the same generation are not cup-of-tea-slaves for one another.  Only the grown-up generation can request a cup of tea from the younger generation of the household and expect to have it made for them.  That is why we have children are all.  So we can rest our weary bones at the end of the day and have our children give us some cup-of-tea love.  Miss Sunshine hasn't wrestled the will of a child throughout her day so she has to make her own.

There you go people.  Those are the rules.



Amy said...

That second rule is very important! We can't have that kind of mayhem going on or the world WILL stop turning!! :D

Carla from My Yellow Heart said...

I look forward to that being my new rule in our house when my girls are old enough to make cups of tea!!

EssentiallyJess said...

I will be informing my girls of this second rule! None of us knew!

Rebecca Senyard said...

I can't wait till my girls are old enough to make me a cup of tea!

Tegan Churchill said...

The second rule also applies to jobs that an adult sibling had to do while they lived at home..as I so fondly remind my brother every time he complains about something :)

Lauren @ Create Bake Make said...

Love rule #2 - will be teaching my boys that one!

Hugzilla said...

Dedicated tea-aholic here! Can't wait til my boys are old enough for rule number 2!

Bossy Mummy said...

I totally agree with rule one and was horrified. BUT, if you take population into consideration, they got 1 gold per million, and we got 2 - so we are the winners??!!

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