Friday, 15 August 2014

Melbourne in Winter

You know spring is imminent when the daffodils begin to peak up out of the frigid ground.  And a little sunshine with a smidgen of warmth offers even more hope!

I don't know about anyone else but this winter feels like it has been colder than I remember winter being in recent years.  I'm always inclined to choose winter over summer when asked for my preferred season but my toes seem to have been cold for weeks, now.  Any season is welcome, in my book, apart from the vicious, brutal heat of summer.  We don't get the humidity like they do in the north of the country but my goodness, a 45C day will melt anyone's bones.  And sanity.

With just a couple of months until I finish studying I'm starting to dream about vegie gardens and having the time to potter about one, should I ever manage the work of planting it out.  Home-grown tomatoes and zucchinis a-plenty....I really do miss having a garden that grows yummy food.

In the meantime I'll just have to make do with photos of a stitchery I did, which hangs in my parents' home.

Look at all those pretty flowers, lovely rows neat beds of vegetables and tidy shed.  Yes, a bit of a pipe dream.  Maybe if I dream a little harder some little vegetable gardening fairy will decide to just drop a raised garden bed box or two outside my family room window and plant things that will grow despite my brown thumb.  I killed ivy once; don't even ask!  All I can say is the soil in Our Town makes even me look good!  It grows things despite my garden-killing ways.


Susan Zimmerman said...

Here's to garden dreams coming true!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

As you're dreaming of tomatoes and zucchini, I'm bidding my summer garden a fond farewell. Always fun to switch seasons with you!