Friday, 4 July 2014

Mr Busy Thinks in Funny - Quotes from the Road

Shepparton - the Hot Wheels Cow

Mr Busy has a reputation, in our house, for thinking in funny.  Over the last three days of being on a little tour of central Victoria he has again given us reason to laugh.

Shepparton (our first night) is known for its cow statues.  All. Over. Town.  If you google 'shepparton cows' and click on images you'll see the vast variety they have dotted here, there and everywhere.  We found the cow pictured above outside the bistro where we ate dinner.  The lady at the motel had tried to describe it.  When Mr Busy saw it he immediately dubbed it 'the hot wheels cow'.  What can I say, the boy is car obsessed.

As we drove out of Shepparton the next day he saw a cow in a paddock on the side of the road and his immediate comment was "Oh look.  A cow.  A real cow".  His deadpan manner just made it so very funny.

When we got to our motel in Bendigo we checked out the room and Mr Busy was very excited about the idea of a spa.  I have spent 18 months cleaning B&B spas in my lifetime and I will  not get in one again.  Seeing what comes out of those pipes is just gross and you can't guarantee that accommodation establishments clean the spa after every guest.  But ... it gave him something to do for an hour and I got to read in peace.  Sometimes a little bit of gross on someone else is kinda worth it.  Don't judge me until you have a 14yo boy driving you nuts!! His best discovery in this room, however, was electric blankets.

"Hey Mum - there are power blankets on the beds!"

Power blankets.  There you go people, you heard it here first.

I've had to put a stop to anyone in the family repeating the comment.  He's now upset that we find it so hilarious, but I'll tell you now I laughed hard for a good half an hour when he first said it.

And the girls have got some more driving hours.  Not so funny.  Pretty stressful in fact from my designated position behind the driver's seat.  Miss Mischief gave me a hand massage last night as Miss Sunshine drove through the city in very heavy traffic.  Don't get me wrong - they're doing great.  They're just not as well acquainted with the use of brakes as I would like.  And have an attitude of "I know Mum...."  Yeah, I don't think so.  I know what you don't know that you don't know.  Every time one of them was in the driver's seat we would have at least one moment where I would be murmuring "You're going to kill me".  

Cocky.  That's what they are.  

Having learner drivers is worse than  having toilet training toddlers.  This lasts longer and your life is in their hands.  With toilet training it's just mess that won't kill you.  What was I thinking, when I was so stressed about little people taking six months to be trustworthy with their toileting abilities???

I'm looking forward to driving myself to the city tomorrow.  Yessire...all by myself.  Truer words have never been sung.

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

I have yet to drive with Jack, and I know he'll be a good driver--careful, attentive, etc.--but it's going to put a lot of gray hairs on my head, I have no doubt!

Mr. Busy is funny--and I had the same thing about that cow--Hot Wheels! Dear and funny boys can be exhausting,though. Will is so sweet, but I'd put in him in a hot tub to get an hour of reading--or just an hour of quiet.