Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Day My School Babies Cried

School Photo Day.  Once upon a few years ago it was a bit of a fun, messy kind of day and we all managed to endure the whole-school shot without too much drama.  Today was not so easy.

We have some very precious people in our school now, who don't cope with lots of noise and being near (read: in the middle of) lots of people who jostle and yell.  I found one of my school babies huddled on the ground sobbing: someone had hurt him.  The child that was named has not a mean bone in his body so I think it was just general jostling, but he didn't understand the difference.  Another of my babies had his headphones on to block out noise and just hummed.  Loudly.  His nearest neighbours put their fingers in their ears and endured the extra noise wordlessly.  One of my littlest ones didn't understand that when the boy next to you roars like a dinosaur (because you are) you can't pounce on him like a T-Rex, or whateverasaurus it is you happen to be right now.  These were not the only ones in tears or struggling with the whole thing.  There were a number of others.

By the end of lunch time I wanted to tuck them under my wings and cry along with them.  I still might.  Cry...not tuck them in.  They're safe in the quiet of their own homes now.

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