Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Birthday Party

We have experienced our first 18th birthday party and survived to share the tale.  It was a very long day but the evening was so very worth it.  Twenty-eight happy young people singing and dancing their way through the evening with bouts of table tennis interspersed. 

Miss Sunshine's best friend and her Mum helped us decorate, and while they were doing that I puddled about decorating chocolate cupcakes in the requisite purple and white icing.  I love Miss Sunshine's faith in me:  "Oh Mum, they look so much better than I expected!"  Thank goodness for that!  It's amazing what a little bit of pearl sand will do for a humble little cupcake!

Every time I went to the kitchen (which is in the same area as the family room...aka dance floor) throughout the evening I smiled.  Because 16-18yo's who have that much fun together are truly a joy.

It was a joy when they went home too though!


Nancy McCarroll said...

Pretty cupcakes! Glad everyone enjoyed the party.

I've added you to my bucket load of blogs to follow!

GretchenJoanna said...

Those cupcakes are gorgeous and seem quite fitting for such a Big Occasion. So regal!