Sunday, 2 March 2014

Daniel Fast - 3rd and final week

Below is our menu for this final week of our fast.  I feel like over this weekend I finally have my head in the game and we're about to finish up!  I found a great website here that has quite a few yummy looking vegan recipes that suit our dietary needs for this final week.

Avocado & tomato
Chickpea patty sandwich
Pasta with lentils & mushrooms
Fruit salad
Chickpea patty sandwich
Pasta salad
Fruit salad
Chickpea patty sandwich
Vegetable Curry
Brown rice
Avocado & tomato
Roasted vegetable medley
Avocado & tomato
Chickpea & Vegetable casserole
Fruit salad

Potato wedges
Avocado salsa
Vegan Asian dumpling soup
tomato & avocado

Fruit, mixed nuts/seeds, hommus/guacamole & carrots, popcorn
Frances asked how I feel physically.  That's quite question because the last two weeks have been quite a roller coaster, physically.  In the first few days I was all headaches and 9 hours of sleep at night.  Completely unheard of for me, even on a bad day.  Then began the ... ummmm ... digestive clean out.  Dh didn't have the headaches but we both found week 1 quite surprising. I'm feeling quite fine now and very happy with the side effect of losing 3 1/2 kg (nearly 8lb).  Dh has lost about double that because he's a man and that's how they roll.  Just, whatever!

I'm now finding the mental/emotional stuff is more of a challenge.  Dh & I had potato wedges and avocado the other night for dinner because I lost the plot and couldn't face cooking anything else and that was the best I could fathom.  Last night we were asked to dinner at a friend's place and we realised this fast is very anti-social!  We brought our own vegetarian burgers (the bought ones aren't that great) and I took fruit salad for dessert and ice cream for everyone else.  It took a little bit of extra thought and some creative planning but it worked OK.

If I were to do this fast again I would spend some time beforehand in planning and trying recipes.  For example, I would visit and Asian store.  I feel like my head is only just now getting more creative and more in the game with what to plan for meals.  I've collected recipes and websites and stored the information in my OneNote recipe book for next time.  Vegan eating is quite different to vegetarian!

Although I've planned all the way through Sunday we will actually be finishing up early, at lunch time Friday.  We have a thing this weekend and this fast is just not meant for having 'things'.  If I'd realised before we started we'd have started two days early, but I didn't so there you have it.

I'm looking forward to my first cup of tea more than anything else.


jude's page said...

well done on making it through, something I have thought of doing, and bought the book The Daniel Plan, after reading about it on your blog, but have yet to make it happen.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I've never eaten a vegan menu. I think I'd miss cheese too much! Nonetheless, I could see doing this fast. I'll be interested to hear your further reflections when you're done. I wonder what you'll take away from it?

Great that you lost eight pounds!


Caylen Ware said...