Wednesday, 2 October 2013

In Which Mr Busy Cooks a Two-Course Dinner

Mr Busy's homework this holidays, apart from some maths, was to plan, shop for and prepare a two-course meal for the family.  His menu was a green chicken curry and chocolate mousse.  I couldn't help but laugh every time he asked me what to do next, when making the curry.  It was a recipe he'd made at school and didn't bring the recipe home.  My response, a constant "what did you do when you made it last time?"  In any case, with my experience and his scant memories we got through.

Dh was so impressed with the results he kept asking if there was more to be had.  Mr Busy made a small, easily fixable error in making the mousse do Dh suggested he should try the recipe know, to get it right.  Guess who would happily offer to be the official taste tester?

There is only one really dilemma for a budding chef of Mr Busy's calibre:  cleaning up the overwhelming mess at the end of all that fun!

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