Monday, 14 October 2013

A Smile Amidst Tourist Madness

Elmo on the back of an electrical repair truck

Where I live we're well into tourist season.  It begins in earnest during the September/October school holidays with the tulip festival.  I am caught between frustrated despair and warm hospitality in regard to tourists.  You see, if you live somewhere where tourist contributes to the economy you really do want to welcome and care for visitors to the area.  My despair and frustration is limited to driving.  Tourists are crazy drivers.  They don't know the landmarks to look for so they drive slowly and do weird things, and the extra cars on the road make travel slow, especially when there's nowhere to overtake.

Before you think me too harsh, I regularly chastise my husband for driving like a tourist when we are that position ourselves.  Knowing how the locals feel makes me more aware to know exactly where I'm going - or use a GPS navigator.  And look up Google Maps so I know what to look ahead for.  I do my best to be a good tourist driver!

Over the school holidays I snapped this photo on an otherwise frustratingly slow trip.  We've had some yucky weather so the SP Ausnet guys were on their way to repair some downed lines and this truck had a little furry friend along for the ride.

I didn't mind the slow drive so much with Elmo smiling at me all the way  home.

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

We don't really have tourists here, but we do have several universities with football teams, so on the weekends we get lots of traffic and slow pizza delivery.

Love Elmo on the truck!