Friday, 9 November 2012

Hospitality that Delights

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The weekend has begun.  It kind of feels like we only just had one, especially given that I've only worked two days this week.  That feels a little bit special in the midst of a busy term.

This weekend we're caring for close friends' children.  Three of the children, anyway.  I have this 'rule' to do with visitors.  Not so much a rule, really as a way of honouring and blessing others.  The rule is that with family we don't usually do dessert, but for visitors we do.  My family all agreed that these gorgeous children should come more often.  Tonight we had Nigella's maple chicken (without the ribs!) with vegies and an apricot sponge for dessert.  Tomorrow night I'm making mango mousse similar to that which you would receive at the end of a Yum Cha meal.  I haven't quite decided what we'll have for dinner yet.  Whatever it is I'm certain the children will have some input, and will enjoy it.  They make cooking feel entirely worthwhile.

Their mother sent brownies and fresh-laid eggs from their chooks.  Even this non-sugar eater enjoyed a small piece as an antidote to one particular little student whom I decided I'd had enough of.  I can only say I love my boss and his 'angry eyes'.  I told him he has great 'angry eyes'.  We agreed he should keep them.  Apparently my angry eyes, of which my own children are afraid, as just not scary enough for my young student!

So.  Brownies, yummy food, a houseful of special children and the weekend is ON!  I may even get out my stitching again.  I have some time right now :)

What are your plans for the weekend?


Andrea@Familyconnect said...

If my daughter sees me preparing dessert she immediately asks "who is coming?"!

Tracy said...

Hi Andrea - I'm glad I'm not alone in this little quirk!