Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A long weekend with no pressure to study a single thing is just a little bit of treasure around here.  I had hoped I would end the weekend feeling oh so much better.  Alas that dream was not realised.  After a trip to the GP and bleeding a significant amount of money out of my wallet I'm still struggling along with this cold that won't get better.  On Monday morning I awoke with a throat infection.  On Tuesday morning I awoke with no voice...almost.  Miss Sunshine told me to "stop talking Mum, you sound like a sick mouse".  Charming, that one!

I feel alright - I'm just not yet truly well and I really do sound pretty funny.  Maybe tomorrow will be better?  In the meantime I'm in love with my antibiotics and the prescription-strength nasal spray that has indeed stopped the snot in its tracks.  Thank you God, for good medicine!

So, while I wait to get better I'm planning meals for the three children that are coming to spend the weekend with us so their parents can have some time away.  They love to be fed so it's always a rather gratifying exercise.

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

Oh, my goodness, sorry you're not feeling well (but share your thankfulness for antibiotics!). Hope this finds you on the mend and enjoying your free time.