Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Tribute to a Fine Teacher

My farewell poem to the man who has taught two of our children over four of the last five years. A man who talks about sowing into the lives of children and "sucking the life" out of every moment. A teacher who is one-of-a-kind and whom we will miss incredibly.

So Long, Mr W

Sowing into tender souls – it’s what you say’s important
Sowing what I speculated, what is it you’ve supported?
Stuffing stuff up your nose and serenading the times tables
Simulated accents, backwards names – they are not fables
Silliness and nonsense, hilarity and mirth
Snickering, tomfoolery – is this all that you have birthed?

So much more, I’d dare to say, you’ve sown into young lives
So much more than we suspected, within the walls of your class hive
Soaking in the Spirit on each scion in your care
Sowing love, you have taught them to be all that they would dare
Sucking life from every day, that’s what’s been important
Stretching, training, loving them – that’s what you’ve supported.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Lovely poem, Tracy. He sounds like a marvelous teacher!


Tracy said...

Words don't even begin to describe him. We'll all miss him so much and I've been so privileged to work with him as well.