Sunday, 6 November 2011

Good Things

I've not been posting much.  Put it down to having lots unblogable (is that a word?) things on my mind.  In amongst the things that occupy vast amounts of thinking time I'm seeking out the blessings to be celebrated and enjoyed.  I'm so grateful that God scatters difficult days with little rays of sunshine.
  • A distinction for Human Development and a high distinction for Music & Visual Arts assignments.
  • Warm sunshiny days.
  • BBQ with friends.
  • Opening up the cooling vents for the first time this season.
  • Finding time to stitch.
  • Preparing for a 'roughing it' school camping trip for Miss Mischief.
  • A car that runs well, having been loved back to full health.
When things are difficult do you focus on the dark clouds, or look for the sunshine peeking through?


joolzmac said...

Fortunately, I seem to have more sunshine than dark clouds in my life. The winds of change are indeed blowing for us - grown children starting new lives as an adult in the workforce and the other embarking on a career in Nursing & Midwifery - both away in the city. This will be hard for us as we become 'empty nesters' next year but it will give me and hubby more time for us for a change too.

Congrats on that D & HD - you must be very pleased!

Cheers - Joolz

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I try to focus on the sunshine side of things whenever possible. I spent too much time in years past focusing on the clouds.

So glad you're finding time to stitch!

Major congrats on your academic distinction!!!


Rel said...

Lovely post, Trac :) I've allowed too many clouds to obscure my vision of the sun - thanks for the reminder to put my focus elsewhere.

One thing is startling clear to me, always piercing through those dark clouds - your friendship!

Thank you xo xo xo xo

Rel said...

*startlingly* !!!

Now, I can't even decide if that is a word - LOL! You know what I mean!

Tracy said...

Joolz - enjoy the sunshiny times and store up great memories for the cloudy days that inevitably come at some point along the way.

Frances - loving stitching again and thank you for your congratulations. I was feeling very clever on Saturday!

Rel - your friendship is always an incredibly blessing to me through all seasons of life.

Enjoy the sunshiny moments!