Monday, 14 June 2010

Monday Menu: Week Beginning 14 June

Today has dawned a gloriously sunny (but winter-cold!) public holiday. We have some friends coming over later in the day, but until then the day stretches out with many possibilities to be considered!

I've spent the morning menu planning and feel like I've not gotten very far. I think I need to go and get out a food magazine that I was given to get some inspiration. I started looking at it last night and decided that a magazine was hard to read in bed. A book is much more bed-friendly!

This week's menu plan is looking like this:

Monday: Minestrone, bread & butter, finger food, cherry clafoutis for dessert. Because visitors get dessert!
Tuesday: Mellow Meatballs, rice (thank you again Nigella!)
Wednesday: Chicken Parmigiana, potatoes, vegies
Thursday: Chicken Casserole, potato bake
Friday: Miss Sunshine's chicken noodle stir fry
Saturday: Chicken & Corn soup
Sunday: Homemade Pizza

We had dinner at a friend's place on Saturday night. Oh the delight of not cooking for just one evening! We spent Easter with this family, and so they got an intimate look at my wheat-free diet. When I asked if I could bring anything I was told to just enjoy the night off and my diet needs would be taken care of. Double delight!

We were served a deliciously moroccan inspired chicken & olive casserole served with rice instead of couscous....much as I love couscous, it's a no-go for me. I found a recipe that looks identical here. My friend added lemon juice and chopped parsley to the casserole just as she served it. I found a moroccan spice mix recipe here. My kids were uninterested in the olives....all the more for those of us who enjoyed them. To my surprise, Miss Mischief liked the chickpeas! We will be enjoying this meal at home sometime soon-ish.

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