Friday, 18 June 2010

'Life in Defiance' by Mary E DeMuth

Rel has posted my review for 'Life in Defiance' here. Mary DeMuth is an incredible author! She cuts right to the heart of really tough real-life stuff, and yet her prose is so beautiful that it makes a heartbreaking story that much easier to continue on with. Ousie Pepper's story is one of sorrow, pain and longing. Her journey taught me so much about the mindset of a battered and abused wife.

I have been waiting a long time to find out who killed Daisy Chance, all the way back since I read 'Daisy Chain'! In 'Life in Defiance' Daisy's murderer is revealed, finally. Slowly. Piece by little piece.

Whilst I would highly recommend the Defiance Texas Trilogy, I do so with a word of caution. These stories are challenging. Mary writes about very real, very hard life stories. I cried my way through much of the book. The heaviness I felt after reading 'A Slow Burn' (book 2) remains with me, months down the track. But these books are entirely worth the read. Mary tackles really important issues that must be faced head-on. And Mary brings out the classic Creation, Fall, Redemption perspective of a Biblical worldview.


♥ the quiet homemaker said...

Great to see you are still reviewing books!

I'm back in blogland again, am I crazy or what?

Love, Tina xxx

Tracy said...

As crazy as any of us Tina!

I came across your new blog about two weeks ago and I wondered then, if it was you making a subtle, quiet comeback. It's REALLY good to see you about again.

Mary DeMuth said...

So thankful you reviewed the series. Thank you so much!