Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The Great Aussie Mum Tag

Today I'm borrowing an idea that I saw pop up on YouTube recently. I figured there was no reason it couldn't translate to a blog, just as well as a video, right? Right! So here we go - the Great Aussie Mum Tag!

Vegemite or promite?Neither. YUK. Dad tells me I'm a really bad Aussie kid, cos I don't like weet-bix or beetroot either. I buy Vegemite for the one child who eats it. Does that count?

Neighbours or Home and Away?
I wasn't allowed to watch Neighbours, but we were allowed to watch Home and Away (I was about 14 or 15 when it began). In its early days it was more family friendly. I gave it away when my kids were teeny tiny, because it just wasn't appropriate for them.

Woolies or Coles?
If I had a choice it would be Coles. But Woolies is the only one within half an hour of me. Luckily we have an Aldi in Our Town, so I go there first, before I decide if I need to go to Woolies.

What's one thing about raising kids in Australia that you love? 
I love that we laugh at ourselves, and don't take ourselves too seriously. Humour covers a multitude of sins, and diffuses a bunch of potentially sticky situations.

Is there anything you would want to change about Australia for your childrens future?
I would love us to be able to discuss tricky things without one side yelling at the other because they don't agree. It's so important to ask questions that help us understand others, rather than fling attacking words around. I would be appalled of my kids or my students behaved the way lots of adults are behaving at the moment.

What do you wish Australia had that other countries do?
Hmmmm...totally random thing: bison burgers. We had them in the States and they were sooooo good!

Whats your favourite city, town or holiday spot?
Tassie. Hands down, every time. I first went there as a 5yo, when my Dad flew us down there to visit his family. I have been love ever since. I would take a trip to Tassie over Queensland any day of the week.

If you had a choice, would you continue to live in Australia? (or we could ask, what is your heritage?)
I'm ridiculously Australian (my kids are 7th generation Aussies). I love Australia, it's home to me, but if I needed to live somewhere else that would be OK with me too. I lived overseas as a kid, so there is a whole bunch about my identity that is at odds with Aussie culture.

You're not Australian unless……? You head to the coast for a camping holiday in your caravan or tent.

How do you like to spend Australia Day?!
Having a bbq with friends, with homemade lamingtons for dessert (and hence we are a no-jam-lamington family, because jam just doesn't work when you make 'em yourself).

What sport do your kids play?
None. We had zero money when they were at an age to play sport, and they've never raised the issue.

Fave Aussie movie? It used to be The Castle. Now, I think it's The Dressmaker.

Fave Aussie Celebrity/Musician and why? Olivia Newton-John and John Farnham, especially when they perform together. Showing my age, huh.

Which Aussie Celeb are you sick of hearing about in the media? I don't know that any of them get an oversupply of air time, do they? Maybe I just don't listen to enough media to hear about them.

Favourite typically Australian past time? That camping holiday by the sea.

Favourite Aussie slang word/phrase? I'm gonna go with "Fair Dinkum".

Favourite Aussie animal? Echidna. They are the cutest little prickle balls on the face of the planet. Up close and personal they are even cuter. Just make sure you pet them going with the quills, instead of against!!

Favourite Australian Childrens book? 
Anything by the amazing Mem Fox

Favourite brand of nappies? We're well beyond this phase of life in our house. Back in the day it was Huggies at night, and I bought day nappies in bulk from a place in Ferntree Gully.

Favourite family meal? Anything I cook, apparently. Tuna & Rice, Bacon-wrapped chicken, lasagne, chicken casserole, bbq's in summer when it's too hot to cook inside...my lot eat anything.

If you decide to take on this tag, please be sure to let me know. I'd love to read your answers.


Fabulousandfunlife said...

I love Tassie too! I lived in Hobart for two fun years after I finished uni!


Renee Wilson said...

I love this!! Very Aussie indeed. I saw an Echidna on the way to work the other day. They are such interesting little creatures. So cute! #teamIBOT

Be Kind 2 You said...

This is great. I can't think of anything I am missing by living here but my favourite is that most Australians know how to laugh at themselves.. that is essential is this serious world.

Rebecca Senyard said...

Ahh Promite. I haven't had that in YEARS. I want some Promite toast now. HAHA!

Janet Camilleri said...

Another proud Aussie here. I used to be able to buy a big box of Snugglers for under $14 back in the day, when they were on special but mostly we used cloth nappies (does anybody do that anymore?!) Now those kids are 23 and 20! Oh and I'm a Coles girl too :-)

Unknown said...

I don't have a blog but want to play along. Here are my brief answers.
Vegemite - Love it on toast!, Don't watch Neighbours or H and A but the latter for the scenery, Woolworths, Freedom space and opportunity, change? nothing I can think of, wish for? nothing I can think of, I loved the Red Centre, Uluru especially, I don't want to live anywhere else (heritage is all Aus), You're not Australian unless you appreciate what we have here, BBQ with friends, Basketball, AFL footy, Chrissie Swan, any of the mean girls from the Bachelor especially Keira, BBQ, "the bush", Echidnas - whenever I see one I think they are so special, the one where the wombat plays baby Jesus, Huggies, Asian sticky slow-cooked lamb with mash and veg.

Unknown said...

Actually, the one thing I would like to see change is the "go back where you came from" attitude of some Australians. Also the inequities regarding our indigenous people. People forget our history so easily. We are very lucky to call this place our home.
xx Jodie.

Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid said...

This is so fun. I would love to give this a crack when I get back from my travels. We're new Australians so that's my excuse for not camping - the only camping I do these days is in a hotel! That said, I have slept out in a swag in the outback so I did try it and see! The only thine I really wish Australia had that other countries do is same sex marriage!

Jodie Sheppard said...

Tracey, I've figured out that all my comments are labelled "Unknown" as I use my work email account and it doesn't allow my profile to be public. In case you were wondering who "Unknown" was! From now on I'll just use my name. xx