Thursday, 3 September 2015

Lessons for the Classroom from Nehemiah

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I am just loving having another read through Nehemiah with 'IF Equip'.  I am constantly amazed at what we can take away from the Word, even when it looks like there's nothing to learn.  Like lists of people who were counted in a census after the walls were completed.

Nehemiah is my constant companion for my class devotions at the moment; he and Abraham.  These two guys are two of my favourite characters in the Bible.  Their stories always speak anew in whatever circumstance I find myself.  And I've been sharing their stories and what I'm learning with my students.

Lessons like:

  • God goes ahead of us and smoothes the way before us.
  • We all have a task to do.
  • We might feel like we're just working on our own bit of the wall....but when we do our bit and the person next to us does theirs, the job gets done.  We work shoulder-to-shoulder and we need each other to get it done.
  • We will always have opposition....stay on your wall!
  • We are so important to God he names us in His Book of Life individually, just like he named people specifically in the Bible.
  • When we obey God's laws we experience far greater joy in our lives.
  • Speaking out the Word of the Lord in public is powerful.
We love sharing stories, in our classroom.  I share mine - my kids share theirs.  And I ask them to think about how they can apply what the hear with questions like:  "What would it look like in our classroom/playground/friendships/behaviour?"

I adore being in a school where we get to share what we're learning about God and how we put skin on that.  The most exciting part of my day!

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

Those are wonderful lessons indeed! And it sounds like you're having a great time in your classroom, which doesn't surprise me a bit!