Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Planning, Planning....more Planning

The last few weeks have zipped by.  I'm sure I blinked too many times because I didn't notice.  Since I last posted Miss Sunshine has had her last day of school.  A fantastic affair with a "Disney Classics" theme.  She was dressed up as Mini Mouse with a cute not-too-expensive outfit we found online.  Our School has a beautiful tradition of the Year 12 class setting up all kinds of things in the day's theme for the rest of the school to enjoy.  We had a Cave of Wonders, Sleeping Beauty's bedroom, Cinderella's carriage and Beauty and Beast's ... well I don't know, but we got to see the tea set and enter the Beast's cave.  Children and staff dressed up in their allocated characters and the Year 12's escorted the younger classes through the different areas.  After a whole-school assembly, a lunch with parents and staff and a whole-school guard of honour to say farewell I had cried a bucket of tears.  And I forgot to bring tissues, because I'm really dumb with that kind of stuff.

Since then it feels like I have been planning my little heart out.  I've had two weeks (and a bit) of my final teaching rounds and so far all is going very well.  The kids are delightful and my colleague teacher is fantastic to work with.  So far my feedback has been wonderfully affirming and I am remembering how much I just love teaching.  It will be so hard to go back to being an aide after yet another taste of being the Queen Bee! 

But the planning.  Oh my word it is slow to begin with.  It's far more enjoyable than writing assignments and listening to lectures....as useful and helpful as those were.  I can sit in front of the TV with my computer now and surf my way to some wonderful things.  It just takes time. It's a long weekend here in Melbourne and I have spent more than a work day just planning.  I can't wait until I just know in my head what to do, and can just do it on the fly.  Right now I'm thinking carefully about my questions, and setting up meaningful, engaging activities and finding little YouTube clips to support my teaching, because that's the world we live in right now.  Last Friday I taught a lesson on volcanoes, and got to blow up a bottle of coke.  And show a little video of the Mt St Helens eruption.  So much fun in two hours!  None of these precious people, or their teacher, was alive when Mt St Helens blew.  I, however, remember it with great clarity.  It was spectacular!  And my students now know that too, all these years later, thanks to YouTube.

Planning may be time consuming, but I love it.  I'm one of those geeky teachers that just loves the planning process....and then seeing it come to life.  Best fun ever.


Danielle L said...

I'm a fellow 'planning loving' teacher. I still enjoy making my lesson plans, but it does get easier and faster! You sound like you will make an excellent teacher - welcome to the profession!

Bec @ Seeing the Lighter Side of Parenting said...

My Mum is a recentrecently retired Biology teacher and she LOVES YouTube as a teaching aid. Good luck with the teaching:) Thanks for linking with #IBOT.

Annaleis Topham said...

It really does get easier. Soon you have the ideas in your head or already stored somewhere ready to go. Good luck.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I love planning, too! It's the execution of my plans I find a little more difficult.

Can't believe Mr. Busy is almost six feet tall! I think Will's going to sprout up soon ... and I'm not sure I'm ready for it!


EssentiallyJess said...

So glad that you're enjoying it! And I bet it won't be long at all until you can do it really quickly. I admire teachers so much. It's not a job I think I could do.