Saturday, 4 October 2014

Happy Birthday Miss Mischief!

Miss Mischief turned 17 yesterday.  Seventeen.  That just cannot be right.  I'm sure she was a babe in my arms just five minutes ago.  She took some of her friends out for Yum Cha on Thursday to celebrate and today she's going to see a movie with a friend, as her birthday gift.

We have this tradition in our home where the birthday child gets to choose what we do for dinner.  I will cook whatever they want, or they can choose to go out.  Since she went out Thursday Miss Mischief chose a home-cooked meal for us last night.  This girl really knows how to put a menu together.  So glad she is dropping Maths and taking up Food Technology via distance education next year.  I have told her and the one other girl taking the course that they have to do all the practical folio work at our house. 

~ Miss Mischief's Birthday Menu ~

Bacon Wrapped Chicken
Hassle Back Potatoes
Pavlova with strawberries

Oh my goodness, the meal was absolutely delicious.  The pavlova, of course, was homemade from my Granny's handwritten recipe.  Miss Mischief wanted Asian salad with the main course, which I didn't feel went with the meat and potatoes, so I offered to make something with avocado instead.  And as I gush about our meal, I realise I have never posted a recipe for my version of a Caesar salad, upon which the salad we had last night was based.  You will surely die if you never get to have this salad!

~ Tracy's Caesar-style Salad ~

Salad leaves (see notes)
1 spring onion, finely sliced
4 rashers bacon, diced and fried (see notes)
semi-dried tomatoes (in oil, not vinegar), cut in half
1 avocado, diced
a handful of croutons
Your favourite Caesar dressing (see notes)

 Combine all the ingredients in a salad bowl and toss gently.

  • Normally I use a cos lettuce for this salad, but last night I had a bag of designer leaves and julienned carrots, so that's what I used.  Any lettuce you like will work, but maybe not iceberg.
  • I used 5 rashers of bacon last night, but I NEED to tell you - they were American-style streaky rashers and I think they were on the short side of normal length.  If you're using regular Aussie middle bacon rashers one to two is plenty.
  • I like a light, thin Caesar dressing and once upon a yesteryear Weight Watchers did a beautiful one that has long since been withdrawn from the market.  Last night I used Nigella's Golden Honey Mustard Dressing, with olive oil, and it was perfectly amazing.
Happy Birthday Miss Mischief.  Thanks for planning a beautiful meal and for just being so amazingly wonderful.


Joolz said...

Sounds wonderful! I love family celebrations centred around home cooked meals.

Last night I did Mexican Potato Casserole (served with corn chips, sour cream and guacamole then a heavenly light Lemon Delicious pudding for dessert! We were celebrating Brianna's Nursing grad year placement for next year. My gaby turns 21 later this month - now where did that time go??

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Happy birthday to Miss Mischief! I can't believe she's seventeen!

Here's something strange and interesting: Last night I dreamed we met! Yes! It was lovely. I hope we do someday!


Tracy said...

21 seems all too close from here Joolz!

Frances - that sounds like an awesome dream, and certainly one I would love to have fulfilled. Can you imagine - we could sit an natter about all kinds of things and have tea and give each other a real life hug. There, now that'll keep me going for a whole weekend!