Saturday, 15 February 2014

Big Catch Up and Preparing to Fast

Afternoon tea in Leongatha in January
Perhaps the reason I haven't posted much is that nothing much has happened.  We've all gone back to school and we're all fairly content with the beginning we've each had.  My greatest joy has been to see Mr Busy so much happier and settled than he was last year.  Same group of kids, but with some new teachers and a friend or two makes a huge difference.  He's off on school camp next week so things will be quiet around here.

I've quite surpassed my summer reading goals and I might even fit in another one or two books before Uni begins and the end of summer is official.  I've even read some non-fiction books lately (those who know me will be shocked!).  Jen Hatmaker's Interrupted and 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess make for very compelling and challenging reading.  The timing has been perfect though.

I have been more than a little shocked over the last week as Dh has agreed to undertake not only a year-long leadership preparation program, but also a church-wide 3-week fast.  Both are way out of his comfort zone so I deeply admire that he willing to do these with me.  We have chosen a 'Daniel Fast' so after a great deal of research our fridge is now overflowing with fruits and vegetables that will suit our restrictions and tastes.  I had consider doing Jen Hatmaker's '7' fast, but our purpose and intention are not about addressing a wealthy culture's excess, but about seeking God in a number of corporate topics within our church and a couple of personal issues as well.

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