Thursday, 14 March 2013

More Camping Out.

All campers are now home safe and sound.  For now.

It's a funny thing, you know.  There are always times when your kids just bug you.  It's inevitable.  I suppose I bug my kids from time to time too.  But when they're away I miss them terribly.  I spent four days wondering how Mr Busy was coping with his camp.  I've spent three days thinking to myself "I wonder how Miss Mischief is doing".  And now they're all back...before we spread out again.

Despite my own recent camping misadventures we are incredibly blessed to have some amazing places to go and explore by spending time in the outdoors.  Appreciating wombats, stunning views, amazing night skies full of stars, discovering all manner of sea creatures, surfing, succeeding, being self-sufficient, pushing through and persevering.  My children have been able to experience some incredible things over the past two weeks.  All within a school that continually points these awesome things out as an example of the God we love and His love for us.

Miss Mischief's camp involve cooking on a tranjia and no refrigeration for food storage.  We had to get creative!  She showed me her menu plans and I suggested some alternatives to suit the food storage situation.  She and her cooking/tent partner did a great job, I think.

Breakfasts:  bacon & fried gnocchi (instead of hash browns); muesli with vanilla Up and Go
Lunches:  2 minute noodles; wraps
Dinners: chicken pasta alfredo; pasta with tinned chicken, and tinned corn
Dessert: tinned fruit and long life custard; Smores cooked in foil on the tranjia
Snacks: Scroggin, Cheese & cracker packs, muesli bars

Meanwhile I continue to hobble with each day being a little faster and less painful that the last.  I have some beautiful shades of blue and purple on each ankle and the arm I bashed at some point in the process of falling.  Miss Mischief hadn't seen that come out, so she was pretty impressed!  Despite advice to try a tent next time I'm sticking with the caravan.  I just know to be more diligent with where to put my feet next time.

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

I think next time you should stick to a hotel, but that's just me.

Very impressed with Miss M's camping menu!

You realize all this talk of wombats is not enticing me to come to Australia for spring break next year, don't you?