Friday, 5 October 2012

Celebration Feasts

Miss Mischief turned 15 this week.  Fifteen...I simply cannot imagine how that happened.  As with all birthday's in our home the right to choose the menu becomes yours for the day if you're the birthday person.  You know how I said that I was looking forward to having time to cook time-consuming meals?  I think Miss Mischief sensed that!  Here's her day-long menu:

~ Breakfast ~
Cinnamon Bagel

~ Lunch ~
Hot Chips

~ Dinner ~
Chicken Wonton Soup
Dim Sum
Black Forest Cheesecake

Pretty spectacular isn't she.  It has been such a beautiful couple of days that we decided a picnic in the backyard would be the perfect way to enjoy our lunch.

Then of course, as if that weren't enough, she had a couple of friends sleepover for a movie marathon last night and had a specific idea of what we should eat for that too.  Of course, all of this was sandwiched between generous helpings of movie food.  Like coconut M&M's and chips.

~ Sleepover Menu ~
Bacon Wrapped Chicken
Fresh Corn Salad
Potato Salad
Asian Salad
Dinner Rolls
Chocolate Ripple Cake

I forgot to make the chocolate ripple cake the night before.  It really needs an overnight in the fridge so I spent an hour thinking about how to speed that process up.  At 6.30am I got up and began making it - I dipped the biscuits into milk before sandwiching them together with the cream.  It worked perfectly.

After all that feasting my brother and his family came for lunch today.  My 6yo niece had wanted to know why she wasn't invited to Miss Mischief's birthday party because they are best friends.  We laughed - who said Miss Mischief was having a party on her birthday?  And who said a 6yo could cope with it?  So we had a cousin birthday lunch.  With all the leftovers.  YES!  And after a rather significant and very entertaining meltdown on my SIL's part over cheesecake two weeks ago, she was finally presented with a slice.  Better late than never.

And now I'm returning to my almost sugar-free life....

What's your favourite menu for family celebrations?


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Jack usually gets ribs or barbecue; Will: pizza. I like barbecue as well, and the Man typically asks for lasagne. Yellow cake and chocolate frosting--that's everyone's favorite!

Your recent posts are making me very hungry!


Tracy said...

I love that your celebration food is predication and something that is special to each of you. How great would it be if your tummy kept up with all the good things available to it?!