Monday, 6 May 2013

Going the Extra Kilometre....or Fifty

I began teaching rounds today.  It was so very nice to be back with the Preps I met in February.  And they remembered me...that's always a heartwarming thing.

For the month of May the school I am in is getting the student body involved in "Go the Extra Mile".  The school has decided to donate to last year's funds recipient as it was more appropriate for little people as well as big people.  So, for the rest of the month of May I need to get moving!  I need to do 2km every day to reach the goal, which is also my last day there.

I think it's interesting that I had just been pondering my dilemma of not having time to exercise.  I was reading something the other day that challenged me that this is a lie.  Well...I'm yet to be convinced that this is actually a lie for me.  People who are often up at 5am working and don't really stop except to cook and eat dinner until about 9.30pm are pretty busy and genuinely find it difficult to fit extra things in.  So rather than saying "I don't have time" I've started thinking "what can I do that will fit in a schedule like mine?"  And here is the answer, handed to me just like that.  Walk.  At school.  It is 2.2km from my front door to the end of the main street in Our Town and back again.  I think I'm going to have to drag a child out to walk with me after work every day.  It's too dark in the mornings when I would want to be doing it.  And we'll be walking the track around the oval regularly throughout the week as well.  Just in case there are days I really don't get out at home.

I'll keep you posted!  It'll be an interesting and, no doubt, challenging journey for this I-wish-I-loved-exercise person.

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

It's nice to have a reason to exercise--it can be so hard to find the time. You sound really busy!

I bet your students are happy to see you, too!